Am I a candidate?

Have you tried to lose weight having a good diet and exercising with no results?

Obesity is a rapidly expanding disease worldwide, it’s affecting mainly to the U.S. and Mexico as number 1 and 2 respectively of countries with more population affected.

Criteria to define whether you are eligible for Obesity and Metabolic Surgery according to international regulations:

  1. BMI greater than 40
  2. BMI greater than 30 related to comorbidiities (diabetes, HBP, sleep apnea, depression, arthrosis, hearth condition)
  3. Age 14 or higher
  4. Failure to lose weight with diet and exercise.
  5. No use of drug and alcoholism
  6. Accomplish completely the pre-op protocol

And most important, the COMMITMENT and DESIRE to achieve the goal of a BETTER QUALITY of life, HEALTH and why not, LOOKING better!

Calculate your BMI and remember, you can contact us anytime for a personal evaluation and find out if surgery is the best option for you. Dr. Garcia is available to answer all your questions.