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It is a pleasure to welcome you to our group, according to the needs of our patients and the times we live in, where we need to be in constant evolution we have renewed ourselves. Likewise, a renewal to our website was made with the sole purpose to make it more functional and practical for our users; where you can find all the information on our different services, and now we get to be closer to all of you through our blog, where we will be providing high value and useful information for anyone who is in search and constant struggle to improve their health and quality of life.

We are glad to see each time more and more patients are better informed but we also observe the huge amount of misinformation that exists and that is why we want to provide accurate information, prepared by specialists in the different subjects, where the source of such information are research studies with the scientific method in its preparation and provide people with the best tools not just to make a decision to have surgery; but also of support for those who already have a bariatric surgery and want to take care of it and grow in health and quality of life with it.

We firmly believe that the key to success in bariatric surgery is postoperative monitoring and support, unfortunately for many medical centers the most important is that the person has surgery, and the necessary support for long-term achievements is not provided; in my team, the achievements of our patients are the greatest reward!

We invite you to follow us, to read what we have to say, tell us your doubts, suggestions and of course also your complaints to go every day being your source of support in this road and accompany you on your journey!

We keep in touch!

Dr. José Eduardo Garcia Flores, FACS


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