Gastric Bypass

The Gastric Bypass procedure is the “Gold standard” in Bariatric surgery.

It begins by making a small, 40 ml., gastric pouch, followed by the division of the small intestine, rising the distal (far) portion of the bowel to unite it with the gastric pouch and then the proximal (near) portion of the small intestine is sutured back to the intestine a couple of feet forward.

With this changes, the “bridge” o bypass allows to the food to get into the small bowel directly, and in a very small quantity and at the same time the rest of the stomach and intestines continue to produce hydrochloric acid and other gastric fluids to begin the digestive process later in the small bowel.

Therefore, the nutrients absorption is reduced to a 60% and the appetite disappears because of the division of the gastric bypass that produces the lowering of the ghrelin hormone, responsible of the appetite making the metabolism more efficient; burning more calories.