Marcela Ordaz

I want to share my experience with MTY Bariatrics

My name is Marcela Ordaz and I am a woman of 34 years, with two years married with no children and a big life project. I am a very blessed woman of God in every aspect of my life. I have life, love, health and a strong core of family and friends who allow me to go forward in every step I take by the hand of God.

The last five years of my life I began to struggle with my health because I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome since age 15, I was always a woman with many hormonal problems, which did not help me with my health and keeping a stable weight. Besides not being someone with a strong discipline of both diet and exercise.

My gynecologist recommended me for the second time in one year to have a Gastric ByPass for health reasons, one of them being that my blood pressure was out of control and was already in pre diabetic stage. I decided to go and consult with different medical specialists in bariatric surgery because I saw my health at risk.

I asked my friends wo had surgery, family members and found out online options that were in Monterrey. Then I talked to a patient of Dr. Eduardo Garcia Flores who recommended him widely, and other doctors had spoken well of him too. So I immediately went to check and realized on the first date that he was the right person for me in this procedure.

He explained the whole concept and how important it was to have a multidisciplinary team of bariatric, medical, psychological and nutritional support to succeed in this process, and I found it fascinating to look after all the mental and emotional physical aspects by which one goes through to take the decision to have this type of surgery.

Having decided to have surgery (three weeks before being operated) I was on a business trip of the project I lead and this was the largest annually. Something very intense happened and I had a wake up call from my body that really scared me a lot: a crisis of high pressure came close to a heart attack, the order of the doctor who attended me was going to the hospital, but thank God I got help from Dr. Rubén (a member of MTY Bariatrics team) through the phone, he prescribe what was right for that moment without being hospitalized.

I’ve noticed that this decision was not only for me to lose weight but more like a life decision. I decided to live in good health and this procedure has helped me achieve this goal.

Today being March 1, 2015, I am completing the ninth month after my surgery, and I’m definitely sure this was the best decision I made on my body and I certainly know after this procedure it has been more encouraging for me to see results by following a nutritional and physical discipline.

I definitely feel much better. Because I’m on the weight and measurements I had when I was 22 years old!

I’ve lost 40 kgs of weight, about 20 cm waist 10 cm in the neck. I have shrunk from a size 20 to a size 8 and I see more feasible to achieve other goals in my life, from improving physical health and see tangible results to see the possibility of motherhood. I am recovering my health and am in the process of being 100% in my body.

God is good, is faithful and has its times. and I believe that God uses people and professionals such as medical team of MTY Bariatrics to achieve these goals. And my suggestion for anyone is that if you want to have a procedure of this type you should be well informed and take care of all aspects of your life as a “combo” to achieve a tangible goal without serious risks.

Greetings To You

Marcela Ordaz


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