Emma Flores

My name is Emma Laura Flores Villafranca, I am 56 years old, my weight was 130 kg.

My life changed 180° the day I decided to have my bariatric surgery to lose weight, even though it took me a long time to decide, as my son, who by the way was the surgeon who operated on me, Dr. José Eduardo García Flores, told me, “mom, let me do your surgery”, my answer was:

“Yes son, I’ll let you know” and so passed a long time, until in October 2013 he told me again and I said, “ok, whenever you want” and he said, after you take a series of studies, which they made me: General laboratory, chest radiographs, echo cardiogram, electrocardiogram, Doppler ultrasound of the legs, since I had a thrombosis on my right leg, after all my studies I had meetings with the medical team to see if I was a candidate: Thank God it was possible! The surgery took place on November 25, 2013, at Christus Hospital Muguerza Conchita at 12:00 pm and thanks to the excellent team of physicians, my son, my daughter and nurses was an excellent surgery.
The surgery I had was a Gastric Sleeve, which consists in cutting the stomach and making it the size of a pen, the rest is removed and sent to pathology tests.
After surgery I did not feel any discomfort or pain, dizziness, etc. I was hospitalized a day and half, when I was in the room, they told me to walk, which I did without difficulty, and when I was to leave to the clinic I was visited by the nutritionist who told me the diet to follow, as the surgery goes hand in hand with a diet which you can follow smoothly; at the beginning you eat less than a baby does.
Also the first days I took a protein shake, vitamins; now I just take vitamins and calcium.
It’s been nine months and my actual weight is 88 kg., I went from a size 24 to a size 12, I hope to lose a little more, my life changed dramatically for the better, but mostly for my health because with this I have added years to my life, hypertension is now gone, thank God, the glucose level dropped too, my feet used to be swollen and not anymore.

I recommend 100% having any bariatric surgery, in case you need it, for it improves your quality of life.
During these nine months, thank God, I have not had any health discomfort related to surgery, another recommendation is to find a team of certified doctors.
I almost forgot, I never drank water, only coffee and light coke (so I won’t gain weight), now my eating habits have changed since I feel the need to drink water, at least a liter and a half a day, another change is the way you look at food because I now know that with a little portion I’m full. I went from the huge plate to healthier food in smaller plates.

THANKS to the team of doctors and nurses.
THANKS to my daughter-ELDA MALTOS TAMEZ as she is the anesthesiologist.

Before: 130 kg – Size 24

Now: 88 kg – Size 12


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